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This web site is dedicated to all the thousands of hard working
individuals who toiled in the fields of chemistry at Sadtler Research
Lab, Inc. during the company's long and distinguished history.

This includes Sadtler's shortest term employee whose name is
shrouded in the mists of time. He started his first day at Sadtler,
left the building for lunch, and never returned.

Gone but not forgotten - Recent Deaths of Sadtler Personnel.

Traude Sadtler, December 19, 2011, age 88, Manager Spectra Lab
Maria Wronowski, October 2011, Assistant to the Vice President,
Pat Cooper, July 2009, Editorial Department 1969-1996

The information used to generate this site currently only covers the 71 year period from about 1929 to 2000 and is based on official company publications, telephone lists, internal memos, photographs, the personal observations of former employees, hearsay evidence, gossip, innuendo and biased personal opinions.

Sadtler Books at (11/1/2001)

A picture of Phil Sadtler and his wife Traude

Milestones in the History of Sadtler

The Samuel P. Sadtler & Son Inc. Laboratory, circa 1929.

The Old Building at 15th & Vine

Phil Sadtler and the 1948 Donora Disaster

The day Life magazine came to Sadtler

Article about Sadtler Labs from The Chemist, September, 1965.

Telephone Extensions and Employees listings

Photographs by the year

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