Sadtler Research - 1929

This is the Sadtler Research Labs of June 1929, if one can believe the date on that calendar on the wall. The analytical work was nearly all wet chemistry, microscopy and some physical testing for things such as hardness and ductility. This is the type of Sadtler laboratory that would have performed Sadtler's famous Ivory Soap "99 and 44/100% Pure" analysis for Proctor and Gamble several decades earlier.

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About the photographs

The photographs and several of their glass negatives were found in a roll top oak desk that had been used by Harry Johnston. Harry had spent 40 years at Sadtler as an analytical chemist from about 1930 to 1971 and had pioneered the use of Infrared spectroscopy as an analytical technique with our company. When Harry retired in 197 , I was asked to clean out his desk so that the company could dispose of it and make room for the expanding Infrared lab which was being transferred into the room at the back of the building.

Notes on the back of the photographs indicate that they were to be used for an article in "The Chemist". The first photo at the top of the page was to bear the caption, "The Sadtler Labs".