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                Telephone List for 12/22/70

Alford, Christine          32   Secretary to the President
Allen, Patricia            45   Printing Department
Barlow, Eleanor            45   Printing Department
Barnes, Sylvia             56   Billing
Bass, Lynn                 57   Editorial
Beckley, Warren            60   Advertising
Burrows, Carolyn           45   Printing Department
Capri, Rudolph             37   Assistant Treasurer
Cassels, John              61   Sales Administrator, Mktg. Div.
Cooper, Patricia           42   Editorial
Cottman, Milton            45   Printing Department
Davis, Pauline             45   Maintenance
Dixon, Thomas              45   Printing, Bldg. & Grounds Sup.
Ennis, Richard, Jr         35   Vice President, Treasurer
Griffiths, Peter, Dr       40   Mgr. Analy. Service A Educ. Div.
Godlewskl, Fran            34   Purchasing Agent
Hamilton, James            33   Vice President, Sales
Hinds, Stephen             68   SRL Sales Administrator
Horoschak, Arleen          45   Printing Department
Hugh, Robert               67   Maintenance
Huley, John                30   President
Johnston, Harry            53   Analytical Laboratory, Sup.
Kinee, Mary                41   Secretary, Analytical Lab.
Kovler, Lynn               48   Editor 
Knysh, Dana                39   Accounting, Supervisor
Marzo, Lawrence            25   NMR Laboratory
McAfee, John               67   Maintenance
McCook, Marie              43   Secretary to Commercial Editor
Mercaldo, Fred             69   Sales Rep., Instrument Mktg. Div.
Nairne, Penny              38   Sample Department
Nairne, Tina               65   Sales Department
Nelson, Doris              39   Accounting Department
Niernezura, Walter         66   Assistant Shipper
Niessen, Guenter           54   Analytical Laboratory
Noone, Margaret            42   Chief Editor & Editorial Sup.
Perry, Regina              48   Editor
Pitts, Vanessa             54   Analytical Department
Sadtler, Traude            25   Infrared Laboratory, Sup.
Samuel, Claris             43   Commercial Editor
Selfridge, John            45   Printing Department
Simon, William             66   Shipper
Simons, Anne               27   Education Department
Simons, William            50   Director of Education Div./Research Chemist
Spooner, Judi              63   Secretary to Sales Department
Steiner, Bernadette        46   Librarian
Steinhaus, Bill            45   Printing Department
Taylor, Caroline            0   Receptionist
Uppstrom, Louise           42   Editorial Department
Varano, Antonio            51   Analytical Lab., CC Analysis
Vitullo, Jane              25   Infrared Laboratory
Wirth, Christine           25   Infrared Laboratory
Wright, James              67   Maintenance
Wronowski, Maria           36   Secretary to the V.P./Personnel Manager
Young, Elien               55   Analytical Laboratory
Ziolo, Nina                47   Editorial Department
Zorayan, Victoria          42   Secretary to Chief Editor