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In with the prints and glass negatives, was a pink carbon copy receipt form measuring about 4 X 7 inches. It was imprinted "Samuel P. Sadtler & Son,Inc" and the receipt was dated May 29, 1930. The firm described itself as "Consulting & Analytical Chemists" and as "Chemical Engineers".A slogan on the form read, "Nothing pays like research".
The company address was given as "210 So. 13th St" and two telephone number were printed on the form, "BELL PHONE - Pennypacker 7594" and "KEYSTONE PHONE -RACE 5572". The hand written name, address and subject of the receipt are illegible but the Amount billed was listed as $ 5.00. The LABORATORY NO. was 32056.

The photographs were apparently taken for an upcoming article or ad in "The Chemist" periodical.Some of the photos were used in a price list from 1929. One of the photos clearly shows the calendar on the wall over a desk indicating that the picture was taken in the month of June and in the year of 1929.

This picture shows four chemists at work, three are wearing laboratory coats and the
young man in the foreground is wearing a light colored shirt and tie. On the back of the print is hand written the notation, "Caption: Laboratories of the Sadtler Co."

This picture has the notation on its back "Caption: The Titration Department".